A link with the past: it's Silvano Matadin, the bass player of Urban Dance Squad, who shouts in the studio "JMX is in the house!" during the recording of "Mental Floss for the Globe" (1989), album produced by JMA. For that... JMX.

Without any hurry, Jean-Marie has been tinkering and constructing his 'own' project for a while. He set up JMX in 1994. The home recording and the rehearsals made for a fruitful creative process, resulting in a surprising number of new tracks.

JMA (JMX) performed on New Year's Eve 1994 at the Brussels Luna Theatre.

Here's Jean-Marie's casting for the very creative core team that surrounds him: dj Donotask, Patrick Bylebyl and Philippe Comte (rhythm section), Angélique Willkie and Aura Msimang Berton (vox).

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The Dutch label Fusebox released the first JMX 12" record in summer '96.
Fusebox was happy to announce the JMX '2' vinyl in June '97.
The JMX track "R'Dam Tec" was released on the compilation cd 'Mind the Gap 17' (Gonzo Circus Nov/Dec 97).
On Saturday, January 24th 1998 JMX performed during the event 'De Nachten' in Antwerp.
February 1998 : Fusebox released the JMX '3' 12" ep.
March 1999 : release of the cd single 'I Know / Fiesta 2'

April 1999 : release of the first JMX cd 'AUTONOME' + a free bonus cd with a selection of tracks previously available on vinyl.
August 28, 1999: JMX played the Pukkelpop 'Experimental stage' Click here for images

May, 2000: Jean-Marie created, recorded and produced 7 JMX tracks for the film MY TRANSHUMAN (by Eric Kint)

Double Byl sat in and finished together with J-M the tracks 'Space Station' and 'Digital D.N.A.'

Tom Barman wrote and composed the song 'MY TRANCEHUMAN (stay unfaithful)'. He recorded this song with the help of JMX and Peter Vermeersch. For more details click here.