Once upon a time, the North Sea Channel was, to Belgians, a symbol for good fishermanship, strength and purity. That was in 1951, when Jean-Marie Aerts was born in a little seaside town on its Belgian shoreline. Today, the North Sea needs to command respect from industrialised Western Europe... Skill and technology are both reflected in Jean-Marie´s work.

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Starting off as a hard-edged rock- and bluesguitarist in the seventies, he fully disclosed his wizardry on the strings as a member of T.C. Matic, the Belgian band that astonished both the public and the critics all over the continent, in the eighties, with its urban sound paintings on R&B-base. They´d never heard thàt before! The very danceable cacophonous T. C. Matic productions, featuring JMA as composer, guitarist and producer, were reproduced live extensively (hundreds of concerts) and were (and still are!) considered to be among the first attempts to create a truly European sound, that sound being a precursor of present "dance music"!

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His dertermined quest for whatever is new yet embraces the basic values of purity, strength and emotional honesty, drove him to explore what seems an endless variety of bands and acts throughout the eighties and nineties. This way he gained widespread acclaim and a rock-solid reputation as a musician, composer and studio-producer.

JMA´s wide range of adventurous experiences include, amongst many others: T.C. Matic, Arno, The Neon Judgement, Jo lemaire, Luc Van Acker, Urban Dance Squad, Elisa Waut, Babylon Fighters, La Fille d´Ernest, Odieu, Tom Wolf, Beverly Jo Scott, Ashbury Faith, Junkfish, Cobraz, Stricktly Rockers, El Fish and JMX... This eclecticism has made him into one of the most innovative producers to come out of Belgium to date.