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September, 2013:
    THE MESSIEURS BLUES - Jean-Marie Aerts, Patrick Riguelle, Filip Casteels, Jean-Pierre Onraedt

    Concert info 2014
    Fr. January 24 - 20:00 AARSCHOT - C.C. Het Gasthuis
    Fr. January 31 - 20:15 MEEUWEN GUITRODE - CC Cultuurpunt
    Fr. February 7- 20:30 OUDENAARDE - G.C. De Woeker
    Th. February 27 - 20:30 DILBEEK - C.C. Westrand
    Fr. April 4 - 20:15 TURNHOUT - De Warande
    Sa. April 12 - 20:15 LOMMEL - C.C. De Adelberg
    Fr. May 9 - 20:30 DEINZE - Buurtcentrum De Rekkelinge
    Fr. May 30 - 20:15 MECHELEN - Stadsschouwburg

April, 2013:
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    The Absynthe Minded song "My Heroics, part one" produced by Jean-Marie Aerts
    is voted NR 1 by the Studio Brussels listeners

    Release of the J.D. CIRCO single "Plus Souvent" produced by Jean-Marie Aerts
    Take a look at their video
March, 2013:
    THE MESSIEURS BLUES - Jean-Marie Aerts, Patrick Riguelle, Filip Casteels, Jean-Pierre Onraedt - concert info

    Su. April 14th - 20:00 ZOTTEGEM - Live Music Cafe De Blauwe Wolk
    Fri. April 19th - 20:20 HOEVENEN - Aula De Rekke
    Su. April 21st - 20:00 IXELLES (Brussels) - Café Concert Le Montmartre
    We. May 8th - 20:30 TORHOUT - The Roots
July, 2012:
    THE MESSIEURS BLUES - Jean-Marie Aerts, Patrick Riguelle, Filip Casteels, Jean-Pierre Onraedt - concert info

    Su. July 22nd - Gentse Feesten - François Laurentplein 23:30
    Su. August 12th - Leuven Marktrock - Vismarkt 21:00
    Mo. August 20th - Aarschot - Aleydis 20u30
    Sa. September 1st - Sint-Job Zomert - Max Wildiersplein 23:00
May, 2012:
    The historical track "China Jon" recorded in 1982 and produced by Jean-Marie AERTS at ICP studios Brussels,
    was the most played track by DJ Daniele Baldelli in the 80's in the famous Cosmic Club, Verona Italy.
    On the new Dionigi Dirty Analogic Party Vol. 8 you will find the tribute track of Kurt V.E. “China Jon” remixed
    by Dionigi and Baldelli.
April, 2012:
    Re-release of the 3rd TC MATC album Choco (1983) on 180 gr vinyl
    Check this link: musiconvinyl

    Take a look at THE MESSIEURS BLUES live @ le montmartre     Enjoy the videos here
March, 2012:
    Re-release of the 1st TC MATC album (1981) on 180 gr vinyl
    Check this link: musiconvinyl

    Jean-Marie Aerts, Patrick Riguelle, Filip Casteels - The Messieurs Blues
    Jean-Pierre Onraedt (percussion) joined the trio

    Sa. March 3 - 20:30   KRAAINEM - De Lijsterbes
    Fri. March 9 - 20:30   TONGEREN - De Velinx
    Sa. March 10 - 20:00   WAASMUNSTER - Hoogendonck - SOLD OUT
    Sa. April 21 - 20:30   DEURNE - Deurne Rix
    Su. April 1- 20:00   BRUGES - Comptoir des Arts

  Read a concert review here !
November, 2011:
    Jean-Marie Aerts, Patrick Riguelle, Filip Casteels - The Messieurs Blues - concert info 2012

    Mo. January 16 - 20:00   BEERNEM - De Kleine Beer
    Fri. January 20 - 20:00   AARSCHOT - Het Gasthuis
    Fri. January 27 - 20:30   OVERPELT - Palethe
    Fri. February 10 - 20:30   HERENT - De Wildeman - SOLD OUT
    Sa. February 11 - 20:30   VILVOORDE - Het Bolwerk
    Sa. February 18 - 20:00   SINT-LIEVENS-HOUTEM - De Fabriek
    Fri. February 24 - 20:30   TIELT - Theater Malpertuis

October, 2011:
    Release of the CD LIVE @ THE MONTMARTRE
    Jean-Marie Aerts, Patrick Riguelle, Filip Casteels, three gentlemen, three generations of music from Belgium.
    The song "Catwalk" (Aerts/Casteels) led to the start of the trio. The Blues, their common passion, is the glue
    for the repertoire they perform; own compositions and covers, known and obscure, old and new, influenced
    by all kinds of styles. All three they sing and play the guitar. 3 personalities that fit well together bring a
    variety of music on Volume 2 in the series of live recordings at the Brussels club LE MONTMARTRE.
    Distribution: Sonic Rendezvous

September, 2011:
    BEUKORKEST - Steal the Trumpet Show
    Jean-Marie Aerts joins Beukorkest met Rik van Iersel, DJ Donotask (DNA), Bart Maris, Johnny Dowd,
    Aura Msimang Berton, Solex, ... To Jean-Marie this is again, a creative adventurous experience with DNA,
    Aura and all participating people.
    Remember 1999 > AUTONOME > JMX / DJ Donotask / Aura Msimang Burton > iTunes

    September 4 - 21:00   Effenaar, Eindhoven
    September 7 - 20:30   Tivoli - de helling, Utrecht
    September 8 - 21:30   Vera, Groningen
    September 9 - 21:00   Gebouw T, Bergen op Zoom
    September 10 - 20:30   UITfestival - Valkhof, Nijmegen
    September 15 - tba   Off Corso, Rotterdam
    September 16 - 20:30   W2, Den Bosch
May, 2011:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Friday, May 13 VGC Elzenhof, Elsene
April, 2011:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Saturday, April 16 GC Studio 2000 iPodium '11 event, Haacht
    Saturday, April 23 Arscene, Hansbeke
February, 2011:
    Sunday, Feb. 27 GANASHAKE LIVE unplugged performance during the DR. BOOGIE-CLASSIC 21-radio show
    18:00 - 20:00 / Special guest : Jean-Marie Aerts
December, 2010:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Monday, December 20 At The Bebop, Leuven
    Tuesday, December 21 Nieuwhuys, Hoegaarden
November, 2010:
    Release of the GANASHAKE debut album produced by Jean-Marie Aerts.
    As said before, Ganashake are 3 young, very talented Belgian musicians.

    Release of the album "Barquero" by PIET VANDEVEIRE. Jean-Marie says it was a pleasure
    to participate to the making of this instrumental guitar album with Piet's poetic compositions.
    If you wish to buy this album, please contact

    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Saturday, November 6 Le Montmartre, Ixelles
October, 2010:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Saturday, October 9 De Roma, Borgerhout
    Saturday, October 30 N9 Villa, Eeklo
    Sunday, October 31 Manuscript, Oostende
August, 2010:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Thursday, August 19 Bombardonderdagen, Rijmenam
July, 2010:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Tuesday, July 20 Spiegeltent Baudelopark, Gent
June, 2010:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Saturday, June 12 De Schaduw, Ardooie
    Thursday, June 24 Dijlefeesten, Mechelen
May, 2010:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Saturday, May 15 De Zolder, Nieuwmoer
    Sunday, May 16 De Oude Tijd, Aarschot
    Saturday, May 22 De Singer, Rijkevorsel
    Thursday, May 27 Libertad, Leuven
April, 2010:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Saturday, April 3 't Smiske Asse
March, 2010:
    Musician/performer Geert Dehertefelt chose Jean-Marie Aerts to guide his masters degree project "LUDWIG".
    The performances take place on March 9 through March 13 at Artesis Hogeschool
    Herman Teirlinck zaal - 20:30 - Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen.
    Free admission.
February, 2010:
    The young and very talented (3-piece) band GANASHAKE knocked on Jean-Marie's door.
    Jean-Marie selected and produced 5 of their songs.
    This EP is recorded and mixed at the Brussels ICP studios and engineered by Michel Dierickx.
January, 2010:
    Live music - Jean-Marie Aerts + Filip Casteels + Patrick Riguelle
    Thursday, January 7 Candelaershuys Ukkel
    Friday, January 8 Den Ekster Dranouter
    Saturday, January 9 De Trukkendoos Stasegem
    Sunday, January 10 Den Bokkal Buggenhout
December, 2009:
    Jean-Marie Aerts (JMX) @ TAZ#2009 - concert videos by Gil Le Kvern on his website

photos © Jan Vergauwe

December, 2009:
    TUBELIGHT is a promising young Belgian band. Jean-Marie remixed their song "Need it"
November, 2009:
    The Studio Brussel listeners have chosen the Absynthe Minded song "My Heroics, part one" produced by
    Jean-Marie Aerts "very best Belgian track of the past decade". A nice reward for this analogue recording
    with a good dose of natural tape hiss that won't damage your ears. Congratulations to the whole team !
June, 2009:
    We gladly announce the Jean-Marie Aerts (JMX) concert which will take place this
    summer in Ostend on July 31 during the TAZ#2009 festival.
    All info Free entrance. Don't miss it !
    JEAN-MARIE AERTS: guitar, vox
    ANGELIQUE WILLKIE & PAUL ST. HILAIRE (aka Tikiman): vox, percussion
    ARJEN DE VREEDE (aka DNA): turntables
    FILIP CASTEELS & PATRICK RIGUELLE: guitar, percussion, vox
January, 2009: Tone Clusters - concert info
    Jean-Marie Aerts, Filip Casteels, Kris de Bruyne, Vévé "Shake" Mazimpaka,
    Patrick Riguelle & Henri Ylen invite you to come and enjoy their performance about birth, love,
    art & death; about desire, friendship, respect and, there's space for fun too!
    Sat. 31/01/2009 Mortsel, Kaleidoscoop - 20u30 - - 0474 56 78 31
    Fri. 06/02/2009 Leuven, 30CC / Minnepoort - 20u00 - - 016 23 84 27
    Fri. 20/02/2009 Hoeilaart, G.C. Felix Sohie - 20u30 - - 02 657 05 04
    Fri. 27/02/2009 Heusden Zolder, C.C. Muze - 20u15 - - 011 80 80 98
    Fri. 06/03/2009 Dilbeek, C.C. Westrand - 20u30 - - 02 466 20 30
    Sat. 21/03/2009 Aarschot, C.C. Het Gasthuis - 20u00 - - 016 56 48 24
    Fri. 03/04/2009 Halle, C.C. 't Vondel - 20u30 - - 02 365 94 05
    Sat. 25/04/2009 Borgerhout, De Roma - 20u30 - - 03 292 97 40
December 3, 2008:
    release of MIRA's album "STUKKEN VAN MENSEN" produced by Jean-Marie AERTS.
    Lyrics & music by MIRA. There are 11 songs in her native language and yes,
    this is "talent for sale" ! Thanks to all who buy this album.

October, 2008:
    release of the "Te Gek 3 !?" cd - benefit project - with various artists.
    Jean-Marie's contribution is the production of 2 tracks:
    "Glazen Bol" by MIRA and "Nothing on my Radio" (live) by THE SCABS.
September 26, 2008:
    release of the new NOVASTAR album "Almost Bangor".
    Jean-Marie enjoyed the guest appearance very much;
    he plays the electric guitar on "Mars needs Woman"
    "Weller Weakness" "Bangor" "Wings on me" and acoustic guitar
    together with Joost Zweegers on "Making Waves".
July, 2008:
    another very talented young lady invited Jean-Marie to guide her ; MIRA
    The pre-production of MIRA's new album has started. It will be recorded and mixed in Jean-Marie's favourite
    playground ICP/Brussels and will be released in December.
    Also, MIRA wrote a song, for the compilation album TE GEK!?, which is recorded & mixed @ ICP studios and     produced by Jean-Marie Aerts. Release October 2008.

    More info about this benefit project Te Gek!? for the mental care hospital Sint-Annendael Diest see
April, 2008:
    release of a Jean-Marie AERTS vinyl on Paul ST. HILAIRE's Berlin-based label FALSE TUNED.
    More info here

December, 2007:
    Johan Hoogewijs (keyboards), Cesar Janssens (drums, percussion) & Jean-Marie (guitar, bass)
    had a creative studio session for the action-thriller "DEADLINE".
    The first part (of 12) will be broadcast by VARA TV (Nederland 1) on Saturday January 19th at 21:25.
    Johan (composer) recorded the music with the Metropole Orchestra Hilversum and mixed parts
    of his session with Cesar and Jean-Marie in the soundtrack.
    More info here
October, 2007: Mercury France released the VICTORIA TIBBLIN cd.
    To Jean-Marie it's an honour having been invited to contribute to the making of this album.
    Good luck Victoria - you are a Premier League Artist !

September, 2007:
    TONE CLUSTERS concert
    date: Friday, October 26th 2007 @ De Roma, Borgerhout - 20:30
    More info:
I know
June, 2007:
    RADIO 1 (VRT national radio) broadcasts a +/- 45 minutes live recording of TONE-CLUSTERS
    on Sunday, July 15th 2007 between 18:00 and 19:00.
    Tune in and enjoy the performance of Jean-Marie Aerts, Filip Casteels, Kris de Bruyne,
    Vévé "Shake" Mazimpaka, Patrick Riguelle & Henri Ylen.
March 6, 2007:
    Victoria Tibblin, a very talented Swedish lady - living in Paris - recorded an album,
    co-produced by Didier Kengen & Jean-Marie Aerts.
    She has an oooooh so wide-ranged beautiful voice! You will hear 2 guitar players
    on the album; Victoria and Jean-Marie. More info on the release is to follow.

March 2, 2007:
    Release of "There is Nothing" - new Absynthe Minded album, produced by Jean-Marie who says:
    "we had good times! this was, again, an intensive experience".
    Recorded & mixed at Brussels ICP studio's - engineer Michel Dierickx.
    Mastered at London's Abbey Road studio's - engineer Steve Rooke.
    More info:
    Also, check the beautiful "Plane Song" clip by Lucas Racasse >

January 16, 2007:
    TONE CLUSTERS - Ghent, Handelsbeurs
  Tour dates

    Zwaargewichten zonder pretentie - Heavyweights without pretension
    To put their talent for the use of the band; that's what the members of Tone Clusters do.
    Variety and the sublime way of performing made time fly.
    (De Morgen, January 18th 2007)

    Rootsmuziek voor fijnproevers - Roots music for connoisseurs
    The artists sing by turns and musical styles alternate.
    At times you meet David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti's world, especially when Jean-Marie Aerts sets the tone.
    (De Standaard, January 18th 2007)

Tone Clusters Tour 2007:
    Jean-Marie Aerts, Filip Casteels, Kris de Bruyne, Vévé "Shake" Mazimpaka,
    Patrick Riguelle & Henri Ylen
    A performance about birth, love, art & death; about desire, friendship, respect and,
    there´s space for fun too ! Tour dates
  © Jan Vergauwe

December 2006:
    You can watch an EMIELTAPES 01 video here.
    Kapotski + Jean-Marie + Fréderic + Isolde.

November 2006:
    Nice ! Absynthe Minded and Jean-Marie linked up for a next step.
    The recording of the forthcoming new Absynthe Minded album has started.

October 25, 2006:
    Emieltapes 01 performance
    Info:         Tickets:

January 2, 2006:
    TV één 22:05 : Jean-Marie joins the Laatste Show band & Luc De Vos to perform the new Gorki single "Joerie"

December 2005:
    The GORKI album HOMO ERECTUS, produced by Jean-Marie Aerts will be released on January 1st, 2006.
    More details:

September 2005:
    Interview in HUMO -De gitaren van het geheugen (3): Jean-Marie Aerts.

September 2005:
    Jean-Marie produced the compositions and musical fantasies
    of his close-friend-guitarist Piet Vandeveire.
    Their collaboration resulted in "Ambre" an acoustic, instrumental album.
    In the first part Piet is accompanied by a rhythm section,
    the second part is a suite for classical guitar.
    Info: or

September 2005:
    Jean-Marie was on the Kapotski-wishlist.
    As he shows respect to these creative young people, he's happy to go and play the guitar with:
    BIGBAND BIGBANDSKI September 27 - Happy New Ears Festival
    Line-up: Kapotski + Barbara Van Hoestenberghe + Tomas Desmet
    + Jean-Marie Aerts + Iep Fourier + Leen Roels
    More info:

September 2005:
    Release (Sept. 22nd) of the Kris de Bruyne album
    "Westende Songs" produced by Jean-Marie Aerts.
    Acoustic rockin´ 3D

August 2005:
    Another studio adventure is coming up... The band GORKI
    asked Jean-Marie to be the producer of their new album.
    Pre-production started and the album will be recorded
    and mixed at the Brussels ICP studios this autumn.

June 2005:
    The Les Talons Gitans "Anni Versaire" maxi-cd (+ video clip) is ready.
    Enjoy the "Ami Dub" version and the Spanish version "Mari Nada"
    J-M took good care!

March 2005:
    The release date of the Absynthe Minded album -New Day- is April 3rd.
    Jean-Marie enjoyed the producing of this very talented band a lot!

December 2004:
    Recording of an acoustic album of singer-songwriter Kris de Bruyne.
    Jean-Marie Aerts is taking good care of the production.

September 2004:
    This autumn Jean-Marie Aerts is one of the virtual guests
    during the Gorki Plan B-tour. Check the tour dates here

     © Jan Vergauwe

August 25, 2004:
    TV1 "aan tafel" 22:45 with guest musician: Jean-Marie Aerts.

July 2004:
    Jean-Marie mixed the track "Elements & Things" in the ICP studios, Brussels.
    Le 1er octobre 2004 ressortira l'album Jesus Volt "Electro Button Funky Coxxx" avec une nouvelle
     pochette, un nouveau livret mais surtout agrémenté de bonus. Des remixes effectués par la crème
     des DJs français. Cerise sur le gâteau, la reprise par Jesus Volt de l´oeuvre de Tony Joe White
    "Elements & Things" (1969). Ce dernier après avoir entendu cette version, il leur a fait l'honneur de
    venir y poser sa guitare.

April 2004:
    On a big part of the new Gorki album "Pan B" you will hear Jean-Marie´s guitar playing.
    He enjoyed the sessions very much and his contribution matches very nicely to the Gorki tracks.
    "Plan B" will be released at the end of April.

April 2004:
    Jean-Marie Aerts was invited by Johan Hoogewijs to add guitar sounds and riffs
    to the music of the telefilm "Zinloos". The TV film is scheduled to be broadcasted on
    Saturday April 24th (late evening, around 23:00) - TV channel NL3 (Vara).
    A psychological thriller based on the awarded novel "Zinloos Geweld" by René Appel.

December 2003: links page updated
    See 'Oral Poet' and 'Rook becomes Koor'.

December 2003: you might hear the song I MISS HER by KELST on your radio.
    It's a Jean-Marie Aerts & Michel Dierickx-mix at ICP Studios, additional sound processing by Herman Gillis.

November 2003: slide show by Jan Vergauwe - JMX@Lokerse Feesten – August 2003

September 2003: release of the JESUS VOLT album "electro button funky coxxx"
    Jean-Marie AERTS produced this French band´s album.

August 2003: JMX gigs

    Thursday, August 7: Kaffee Claude - Haacht - try out

    Friday, August 8: Lokerse Feesten festival - Lokeren
    If you like "the groove", then this really is your thing.
    The bass player brings out heavy but splendid bass lines.
    The drummer plays like a liner train on speed, Jean-Marie Aerts strums guitar riffs
    across the grain and dj Donotask takes care of amazing effects.
    Tikiman (aka Paul St. Hilaire) and Koor create the ambiance. JMX is first-rate!

    Saturday, August 9: Nandrin festival (Big Tent North) - Nandrin

    Wednesday, August 13: Marktrock festival (Vismarkt) - Leuven
    Watch the interview here:

-unspecified- Paul St. Hilaire (formerly known as Tikiman)
    check this out !

April 2003: release of the JMX 12" "1.2. AB"
    (3 remixes + original version) Label: Life Enhancing Audio (n.e.w.s.)

March 31st 2003: de Laatste Show invites JMX !
    Jean-Marie Aerts & Tikiman + de Laatste Show band perform the song "1.2. AB" this Monday - TV1 - 22:25

February 11th 2003: Jean-Marie Aerts wins the "best producer" Zamu Music Award. ! parbleu !

The release date of the new JMX album "parbleu" is November 4th, 2002.


Visuals: acoustic version of...

    Filmed by Gil Le Kvern during the Radio 1 "Zazousessie" - Brussels, December 2001.    

July 2002: release of the JMX 12" and cds "Tikisong" on the Life Enhancing Audio label (n.e.w.s.)
    "Tikisong" feat. Tikiman (click here) is taken from the forthcoming JMX album.
    Enjoy "Tikisong" and don't forget to check out the Osunlade remixes!

February 2002: more visuals - check pages: gigs, JMX, j-m's notice

December 2001: come and enjoy JMX live ! See gigs page

© Jan Vergauwe

is streaming the new JMX track 'working man tune'.

July '01: Jean-Marie is mixing the next JMX album at the Brussels ICP Studio's.
    Take a look at the Lomo photos: click here.